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5 Steps To Entrepreneurship

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  3. Set a date for a Discovery Day.
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Franchise Opportunities with Bin It

Are you interested in owning your own franchise? When you own a Bin It franchise, you aren't just running a business. You are a part of bringing smiles to the faces of customers who are pleased after every encounter with Bin It.

Whether you're looking to start a brand new business or convert your current moving and storage business, the Bin It franchise opportunity offers you the chance to excel. We will share our secrets with you and will show you how to do everything. We want to see you flourish in your own business so grab a bin and let’s get started!

Why Franchise With Bin It?

We at Bin It feel that providing the “moving essentials” for our customers is not enough. We have developed our own method to make the customer’s experience as simple as possible. Our franchisees set themselves apart from the traditional moving company by providing not only the capability to handle the move, but also the commercial-grade bins to keep items safe, clean, and easily organized.

In addition to providing moving services, we have storage available as well. The customer will not only be able to organize during their move, but also de-clutter at the same time. The all-in-one moving, bin rental, and storage experience will keep your customers coming back for any of their moving needs.

Bin-it is awesome! I’ve used them for my last two moves. Not only am I saving the planet but they make it so easy to rent and return the bins. I had a last minute move too, and they were able to get me bins with only 2 days notice. It’s so nice not to deal with finding cardboard boxes, and putting them together and later breaking them down.

Lauren M.
New York

I have used Bin-it 4 times now...they are great. They give you the ties to close the bins up and labels for easy sorting. My movers love the bins because they make loading the truck much easier. Don’t have to worry about crushing boxes! I feel “green” too for not using cardboard boxes and then tossing them out afterwards because I can’t store them.

Liza R.
New Jersey

We Understand What Franchise Owners Need To Succeed

The rapid growth and success of the Bin It franchise system has been attributed to our:

  • State of the art “Business in A Bin” training on our franchisee membership site
  • Ongoing support and guidance in building and operating your business
  • Regular training sessions and meetings
  • Low minimum start up cost and franchise fee
  • Easy 5-step start up process
  • Tried and true business model and success secrets
  • Shared business knowledge, procedures, and proven track record
  • Your very own localized website

What We Do | Franchise Opportunity

We help franchise owners grow profits.

The Bin It franchise business model is easy to learn, and we offer round the clock support for operations, marketing, purchasing, accounting and legal, research and development and program oversight.

Our Sales and Loyalty Center fields all inbound calls. This gives our franchise partners time to concentrate on growing their businesses and truck fleet. Our unique software allows franchise partners to view their truck schedules, communicate with other franchises and monitor their business from anywhere.

Bin It corporate staff is everything from your consultants to your support center.

Our History

Mr. Rob Theryoung started Bin It in 2011. He saw a changing trend and the obvious need for a professional service that could help people who are getting ready to move. The Bin It program helps reduce stress and increase convenience as a Bin It representative will drop off the appropriate number of bins and will come pick them up after the move, typically two weeks later.

Corporate Support

When you join Bin It's team as a franchise owner, you will receive support in a number of different areas such as:

  • Operational Support
  • Marketing Support
  • Purchasing Support
  • Accounting and Legal Support
  • Ongoing Research and Development
  • Overall Program Oversight

Basic Training

The following training sessions are offered for every franchise owner: 

  • 2 weeks of training at Bin-It HQ in New Jersey beginning 4-6 weeks before the franchise is scheduled to open for business
  • 2 days of training at your location to get your business started
  • 1 session per year of refresher/update training or meetings
  • Ongoing support and guidance in building and operating your business

“Business In A Bin” State Of The Art Training

We offer all of our franchisees state of the art training on our membership site. When you sign on as a franchisee, you receive access to this private membership site where you can find regularly updated training videos, necessary forms, reference documents and more.

This membership site provides training on:

  • Operations
  • Technicians
  • Sales
  • Financing
  • Accounting
  • Hiring
  • Dispatching
  • …and more!


When you join Bin-It you have the choice of a new start-up business or you can convert your current moving and storage business to be under the Bin It umbrella. When you join the Bin-It team you will be given an exclusive territory of approximately 400,000 in population to develop. We are always looking for expansion opportunities in new markets!


The fee for one franchise is $17,500. Minimal start-up costs can be as low as about $65,650, depending upon a number of factors.

Are You The Right Fit?

Qualifications recommended for potential franchise owners:

  • Strong Sales and Client Service Abilities
  • Ability to Do the Work
  • Good with Timing and Schedule Management
  • High Personal Standards
  • Able To Meet Initial Investment Requirements
  • Strong Sense of Integrity in Corporate and Client Relationships
  • A Willingness and Commitment to Excellent Service

Targeted experiences for potential franchise owners include:

  • Business Owner And/Or Managerial Experience
  • Husband and Wife Entrepreneurial Team Who Want To Start A Business
  • Franchise Operations Experience

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Want To Become A Franchise Bin It Owner?

Simply fill out the evaluation form below.