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How Do You Determine Price?

​We determine your moving quote through a series of questions.

What Information Should I Know Prior To Requesting A Quote?

When you request a quote online, all you have to know is your moving date, addresses and floor numbers (moving from, moving to), and your home size. The next step is to fill out an inventory form of everything you'll be moving. Once that's done, we may follow up with additional questions.

How Is Bin It Different From Other Moving Companies?

We allow truck tracking, and offer Updater.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

We offer a full refund on any order canceled within 24 hours notice. If it's under 24 hours, a $25 cancellation fee will be charged.

Do You Provide Insurance On My Items?


Are Packing Materials And Boxes Included?

Packing materials and boxes are not included with your moving price quote. However, we do provide environmentally friendly packing materials and reusable bins separately. You can request a separate quote for those here:

Can I Request A Specific Time For My Move?

Of course! We’ll work with you as best we can to make the move as convenient as possible. Plus, you’ll receive real-time notification the day of the move to track your movers from the moment they leave our facility.

What Is Updater?

Updater, is a free service we provide with all of our moves. It is an automated and guided web application that allows you to update online account information, transfer your utilities/Internet, and even forward your mail. For more information about Updater, please refer to this blog post.

Do You Send Notifications About My Move To Me?

We sure do! Prior to the move, you will receive a few email reminders about the details of your move. Moreover, you receive real-time notifications the day of the move at at every step of the way. From the moment the movers leave our facility to the moment when they show up at your new home, you’ll know where we are. You won't have to guess when we'll show up - you'll be able to see it.