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Launch of Bin It Indianapolis

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Bin It Announces Launch of Indianapolis Franchise Offering Eco Friendly Moving Bins For Rent

Indianapolis, IN: Moving doesn’t have to be a disorganized nightmare, wasteful to the environment or expensive any longer, thanks to Bin It. Bin It recently announced the launch of their Indy franchise providing “for rent” eco-friendly moving bins they deliver then pick up after your move.

Most people have felt what it’s like to move in a less than organized way, without the right moving supplies or planning in place. This can certainly be a wildly draining headache causing untold amounts of stress. Fortunately, Bin It can help. Bin It, who recently announced the launch of their Indy franchise, rents high quality eco-friendly bins for moving. The company even picks up the empty bins after you finished unpacking at your new home.

“We are very happy to launch our service here in Indianapolis where it’s clear to us we are greatly needed,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “Having easy access to our eco-friendly bins can almost instantly make a move go much easier than it would have, plus the free delivery and free pick up makes this service a dream come true for a huge number of people trying to take the financial sting out of moving.”

“Our bins are all the same size and have handles, making it easy for anyone to carry them to and from their destination,” said James Darnell, Owner of the Bin It Indy franchise. “They’re designed to stack easily and labels are included free of charge to help identify what’s in each bin. Spread the word to those stressed out in Indianapolis about an upcoming move, and allow us to make the process much simpler.”

About Bin-It:

Bin It is a unique bin and moving box service that offers two unique, but highly compatible, services to the New York City, Philadelphia, Nashville, and now Indianapolis areas. With Bin It, you simply order temporary bins and they are delivered in a convenient stack to your home. The moving boxes from Bin It are made out of sturdy, durable plastic that can store all of your things, from clothes and shoes to toys, makeup, kitchen appliances, dinnerware, and everything in between. When you move into your new space and unpack, Bin It will pick up all the empty bins from your home so you are box and clutter free.

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